So… Who is Left Out?

Left Out is a Columbus, Ohio based indie pop band of four friends whose sound is comprised of light, airy vocals and rhythm guitar from lead singer and songwriter Ceci Clark, crisp drums from Zayn Dweik, bass undertones from Cami Garshon, and colorful synths from Sprout Selvaggio. The group recently released their debut album ‘Learn to Walk’ which features their already released singles ‘Stay Up’ and ‘Stay Away From My House’. Depicting bright and vibrant colors, the band’s music videos and cover art perfectly display the sonics of their songs visually. Their music videos bottle up the emotions of being young and having fun with friends and deliver them in a pristinely executed package. Left Out is the best kept secret in Columbus, Ohio, having organically grown a small dedicated following but having not yet broken through into the wider cultural landscape, which with their talent, will inevitably come soon. -Jacob Allen